SO’VIE Online store of chocolate candies

SO’VIE Online store of chocolate candies 17 Oct 2020

It is considered a well-known fact that thanks to Anna of Austria, who was an intelligent and educated representative of the Habsburg dynasty, chocolate became widely spread in Europe. The 19th century was a period when chocolate got its popularity in Austria and quickly became a leader in the production and consumption of this product.

Today in Austria, both large companies and numerous small private pastry shops are engaged in the production of chocolate. Moreover, here you can even find their own chocolate spa resorts to regenerate both the body and the soul.

It is not surprising that detective stories are also associated with this exquisite product, which is also called “Food of the Gods”. A year ago, in Austria, unknown people tried to steal around 20 tons of chocolate from manufacturing worth 50 thousand euros. Fortunately, the police discovered that the driver’s documents were fake right on time.

After many years of dedication to the fine art of confectionery, our SO’VIE online store has entered the market with a unique offering.

SO’VIE company is the academy of chocolate design and magic of taste. SO’VIE’s chocolate and chocolate candies combine: the high art of handmade, the splendid taste of chocolate, the use of carefully selected high-quality Austrian organic ingredients without glucose and gluten, made with love for detail.

Each bar of chocolate and chocolate candy produced by SO’VIE is a masterpiece of confectionery manufacturing. Our chocolatiers are magicians and wizards who create their own masterpieces according to classic and personal recipes that they brought from different parts of the world – France, Russia, Italy.

Each box of SO’VIE chocolate candies contains unique pieces of art. If we talk about the fact that Viennese chocolate was originally prepared in the French manner, then SO’VIE chocolatiers, like real magicians and wizards, have their secrets in order to endow each product from SO’VIE online store with an extraordinary magical taste.

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