Magic Pralines from SO’VIE confectioners

Magic Pralines from SO’VIE confectioners 28 Oct 2020

The word "praline" has plenty of interpretations. You can find different explanations, for instance: "praline" - chocolate candy; chopped and roasted almonds; walnut filling for candies; a mixture of roasted and chopped nuts, cocoa seeds, milk, and powdered sugar or pits of various fruits. You can find chocolate praline, walnut praline, almond praline, waffle praline, and many other kinds of this amazing delicacy.

The history of praline's emergence has its origins in France as many culinary products. Here also appear diverse stories. There is a narrative about the duke de Plessis-Praslin, who was preparing for the visit of King Louis XIV. Having the desire to surprise the monarch, he entrusted Clement Jalusot, who was his personal chef, to invent something special. Someone tells about the pastry chef Praline, who invented this delicacy for his master, the Marquis de Plessis-Belliere. Also, there is even a version that the invention of praline happened by chance. According to the story, a slow apprentice played his role, knocking over a bowl of almonds into a vat where sugar was melted.

Perhaps it is not so essential which of these stories is genuinely true. However, it is valuable that nowadays this delicacy fills our imagination with vivid memories of magical aromas. Praline perfectly gives and complements the taste of creams and ice cream, and it is a fabulously delicious filling for chocolate candies.

Today there are many varieties of praline, based on chopped nuts, hazelnuts, or almonds. Many confectioners replace them with peanuts, pistachios, cashews, and surely add cocoa butter to them. Others replace the nut with heavy cream.

SO'VIE confectioners have plenty of secrets that help them create diverse praline types. A whole alphabet of tastes allows you to find the most exquisite ones that compose the authentic harmony with the taste of chocolate. We are ready to offer you sets of chocolate candies with praline that has the flavor of passion fruit, coffee, caramelized nuts, coconut, or mango. However, this is a tiny part of the list of praline flavors that our pastry chefs can surprise you with.

Various sets of handmade chocolate candies with different flavors of praline from SO'VIE confectioners will decorate any meeting and add a special charm.

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