Handmade Candies

Handmade Candies 20 Oct 2020

Anything that a person creates with his own hands carries with it plenty of positive energy. Why only positive? Because any creative process heals a person from sadness, relieves tension, and stress. According to scientific research one's level of cortisol (stress hormone) decreases after 40 minutes of engaging in the creative process.

Fantasy, imagination, taste are all products of the creative process.
In the European residents' homes, you can frequently find handicrafts. The word confectio in Latin means “handicraft”, and nowadays it is up-to-date to say handmade products.

Handmade chocolate candies have their own history of the emergence which is very extensive and covers the geography of the whole world, starting with Ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, Portugal, Spain, France, Russia, Austria. Chronicles of many countries tell us that chocolate candies played a role in solving important government issues. Each story is rich in its own unique experience.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the son of the Belgian pharmacist John Neuhaus figured out how to fill the chocolate candies. The spread of chocolates across Europe was the merit of his father. The hollow body made of chocolate filled with praline filling was the first handmade chocolate candy.
Now try to imagine the amount of love, fantasy, personal magic the pastry chef puts into making handmade chocolate candies.

Andrei Rublev is one of the best chocolate confectioners of the SO’VIE company and a true magician in creating unique handmade chocolates. He creates his masterpieces with a love for detail from the first design concept to the last magic brushstroke. He extracts exquisite flavors from natural organic compounds of the highest quality, that will immerse you in the historical memories of the ancient Vienna city with its grandeur and abundance.

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