Facts about the chocolate

Facts about the chocolate 30 Oct 2020

Any new phenomenon that appears in the world invariably begins to overgrow with legends and myths. That's how people work — sometimes we need the legends way more than the facts. Chocolate is certainly not an exception.

Chocolate is a special product that cannot leave anyone indifferent. So, a long time ago it became a subject of many talks and writings. Olmec's and Aztecs' legends about chocolate can be found in the stories of the tribes of Central and South America. European nations also could not disregard it. All the legends initially say that chocolate trees grew in the gardens of the gods, and only the gods were able to enjoy the amazing beverage made of cocoa beans. And when this elixir reached people, they began to value it as gold.

Initially, chocolate was only consumed as a drink. Just in 1879, after many years of experimentation, the Swiss Daniel Peter released the first solid milk chocolate bar on the market.

Later on, chocolate began to be supplemented with different fillings and transform into various shapes. Moreover, the production process itself became cheaper and more accessible. Nowadays it is elevated to the level of art.

Let's highlight some interesting facts about chocolate.

  • In the 19th century, French healers considered chocolate to be a panacea for all diseases and it was prescribed to everyone who was sick.
  • There was a time period when cocoa beans were used by the piece as a currency instead of money. If a larger amount was required, the pods were applied.
  • According to scientific research, chocolate contains numerous antioxidants, which is considered good for the human cardiovascular system.
  • The good news for all sweet lovers — chocolate prevents the formation of tartar buildup and tooth decay.
  • The chocolate itself is a source of antioxidants and iron, glucose contained in it supports mental activity, cocoa butter and sugar raise vitality.

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Chocolate is called “Food of the Gods” for a good reason.

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