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Buy chocolate candies 14 Oct 2020

In 1663 the French ambassador in Germany was offered a treat of filled chocolate, which was expertly
prepared by the court pastry chef. This year was marked as the release of real chocolate candies.

Later in 1664 Praline who was the confectioner of the Marquis de Plessis-Beller prepared the first
chocolate candies with a filling for his owner that gained “praline” name.

Since then chocolate candies purchase has become a good tradition. It doesn’t matter if it is a personal
meeting or an invitation as chocolate candies remain a pleasant addition to your visit.

The praline filling which fills the chocolate candies makes the taste magical and exceptional.
Confectioners of the SO’VIE company are real magicians who masterly select praline ingredients in the
style of the best French traditions that are uniquely combined with the taste of chocolate.

We usually rely on people’s opinions, who have already tried chocolates from different manufacturers
when buying chocolate candies. However, we should not forget that people have different tastes and,
moreover, they might change throughout life.

We guarantee you complete delight from any set of chocolate candies when becoming regular
customers of the SO’VIE online store.
Occasionally we update our assortment in order to surprise you with new exquisite flavors.
SO’VIE online store always offers the best chocolate candies to purchase.

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