Our quality 

Our style 

Our style is a sweet constant that has become an integral part of our world. 

Each praline, each chocolate bar is handcrafted with attention to detail, from the concept till the final stroke. The sweet, exquisite creations of our chocolatiers are based on 20-year experience in the production of exquisite confectionery products in accordance with French traditions and made using only the finest Austrian organic ingredients. SO'VIE guarantees the highest quality and exclusivity of each product.

Dmitry Ushakov
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Andrei Rublev

SOVIE Company 

SO’VIE is about love towards our work and special care for the wishes and preferences of our customers. After many years of dedication to the art of confectionary, our chocolatiers have found an approach for the most refined taste and a unique product.


Each bar of chocolate and chocolate candy created in the SO'VIE company is a confectionery masterpiece. Our chocolatiers are magicians who create their own masterpieces according to classic and personal recipes brought from different parts of the world - Austria, France, Italy.


Each box of SO'VIE chocolate candies contains little unique pieces of art.


As the palette of your taste expands, we regularly update our products in the SO'VIE Online Store in order to delight you with new magical tastes.

Unique technologies

Our chocolate creations are crafted with the help of the latest technologies and innovations in the art of confectionery.

SO'VIE chocolate combines natural organic ingredients, attractive appearance, and exquisite taste. 

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