About chocolate candies for Vegans and Pythagoreans

About chocolate candies for Vegans and Pythagoreans 11 Nov 2020

Chocolate is a special product designed to bring joy to everyone. After all, sweets are both tasty and also quite useful for our organism. Our brain associates the consumption of chocolate and chocolate candies with pleasure, relaxation, and a sense of contentment. That is why the desire to “eat something sweet” is natural for any one of us.

SO'VIE company offers chocolate candies that vegans and vegetarians can indulge in. Moreover, they provide a daily requirement of certain nutritional components that the body needs.

The main requirement for vegan chocolates and any vegan confection is the content of exclusively plant-based ingredients.

From the biological point of view, the human being is considered an omnivorous creature, and this was a huge benefit during the process of evolution. However, it is known that since prehistoric times, many people have abandoned animal products. Even 2500 years ago, this idea existed in ancient India and some Mediterranean countries. Moreover, about 500 BC Pythagoras mentioned veganism. Despite the fact that many people consider him a vegetarian, in fact, he was a vegan and ate only plant foods with no thermal treatment.

Those who came to study with Pythagoras were forced to fast for 40 days. Afterwards, students were transferred to his diet, which later became known as “Pythagorean”. In the following centuries, Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle believed that the food habit of eating animals would inevitably lead to war between people. Around the same time, Gautama Buddha preached his teachings in India, and many of his followers believe that it includes a ban on eating meat.

The very word “vegan” appeared from the term “vegetarian” in 1944, when the British Donald Watson founded the first vegan society.

The number of vegetarians and vegans around the world has grown tremendously in recent years. Today more than a billion people around the world refuse to consume animal products. In Austria, 4% out of 11% of vegetarians make up the vegans.

Since vegans do not consume animal products and refuse dairy products consumption, there should be adequate replenishment.

Vegans from all over the world have proven that you can be healthy and happy with no changes in your principles.

When it becomes quite cold outside in the wintertime, and the daylight hours are very short, you would be pleased to compensate for these weather disadvantages with a delicious confectionery masterpiece designed by SO'VIE company. Just enjoy this pleasure.

You can order and buy quality vegan chocolate candies in the SO'VIE online store and be 100% assure that only the high-quality plant-based ingredients are used for our chocolate confectionery products during the manufacturing process.

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